Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It is a beautiful quality relationship where not every couple could or manageable to have.
Can I?

It's far, I can't see where the ocean ends.
I'm sorry, we are miles away.

It's hard to keep the heart from wandering
especially when you have all time alone.

Am I just running in a circled pathway all these years?
Is there an exit or a place to have break?

This is a challenge which I have committed in.

Independence is all I need,
to have my own enjoyable hobbies,
to not dependent on you for gratification.

Sleep tight and sound, Yilee

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Easter is coming.

This is what I did on my last weekend.
Had a after dinner-baking session with aunt.


Putting on the crosses, that's the sign, can't be without it isn't?
The end product is here! emmm, not too bad for the first attempt. Passed and can be improved. =)

I'm feeling a bit more free this year compared to the previous year. That's most likely because I'm not involved in too many club activities and less working hours lately. More time for myself, more time to relax and more time to sleep!
Also, the clock is ticking very slowly to me. I'm only back in Melbourne for nearly three weeks, i felt like two months. I just can't wait to finish the year and move on to the next stage. I think I had too much fun and enjoyed very much during my two months holiday in Malaysia. I'm still missing it and I wish I can have more!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Immature love says, I love you coz I need you.
Mature love says, I need you coz I love you.
6520 km ~ I'll conquer the distance.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Previous post was when I just started and joined in the team in my summer project.
Now, three weeks had past. Two more weeks to go and I'm done with it. Must admit that time is flying very quickly. I'm now quite use to the work, the duties and feeling happy on my progress thus far.

A few photos of my baking to share, food once again.

Can u tell what biscuits are those? I love this cny cookie. Had a too big dream to make 'melt in your mouth' kuih bangkit, but failed. Although didn't get the texture I wanted it to be, I enjoyed the drawing session. =p

Sinfully rich dark chocolate cookies. One is definitely not enough.

Dear friends,
for those who having exams or in the last few weeks of the semester, good luck!
for those who having holidays, have fun!
It's the last month of the year, the best month of the year, the festive season where one festival come after another. Get ready for the parties and celebrations =D
missing you, I'll join the fun soon soon sooooooon!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A post from a few days ago.

Life is short. We have a lifespan. 365 days and you grow a year elder. 24 hours a day. 8 hours for sleep and 16 hours left.
Treasure and adore the people who are concern about you. In dealing with those who doesn't care about you, still be nice, give them your appreciation, not overdose, just at a basic dose.

Live a life. Party hard and work hard to achieve the goals in life.

Say No and say Bye to emo devil. It's all mentality, it's about the way you think. When you're sad, just think and see things in another way, when you're on another view, you'll feel better.
No one will like someone who is emo, please be cheerful, always keep a smile on the face and light up the life of the ones around.

A post for today.

Frustrated. I'd put my effort in, sourcing, researching, trying to make it nice, make it safe but things gone wrong at the end. Silly. Always need to lose something before realising on things.
Learned to trust my instincts. Previous bad feelings was right.
Learned to be wise and critical.
I've learned and grew wiser =) Another experience in life.

Current daily life on weekdays. Uni 9-5pm working on a research project, Antibacterial effect of human serum on Klebsiella Pneumoniae.
Was boring for the first day, second day and third day. Looking forward to the days in the lab when I actually do something and learn. Time to learn some new stuff. =) Another experience in life
Although boring but first week on board with the team was pretty relaxing. I wished it's like that all the time. The team are nice people, second day-someone brought banana cake, third day-someone brought momo's (Nepalese dumplings),fourth day -played princess Uno during lunchtime and had afternoon tea nearby.

Two very different offices I get to work in.
Research science based office this summer. Account department of a construction company last summer. Current one, I hear terms like samples, test, filters, broth, concentration...scientific terms. Previous one, I heard a lot of paying, money, invoices, tax, gst. Am I prepared to hear the scientific terms for the rest of my working life ? lol. Do I fit into that category?
Hopefully, I will gain a better insight on research and get to narrow down my options.

Lastly, law of attraction. I believe in you, please work for me.